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2022 Student Success Update | Monday August 01

Welcome to the Learning People Student Success update for 01 August 2022 – our regular weekly round up previewing a selection of up to the minute successes, including exams sat, certifications gained, interviews attended, and new positions attained.    


Coding and software development

Matthew has been promoted from Business Analyst to Senior Data Analyst at Compre Group and Steve will now join Perch Group as a Software Developer in Test (SDET) – this provides him with a niche and in-demand skill-set for the rest of his career. Due to his Freelancing experience over the past few months he managed to obtain one of the highest starting salaries we have ever seen for a first perm dev role.


Project Management

Jack has been the Estates Facilities Manager for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and has now been promoted to Project Delivery Manager.




Dan has joined Stone Group as a Field Engineer. This is his second IT Support role since completing his A+ last year and career changing from his previous role as a Courier.

Justin has just accepted a Security Engineer role with Novia Financial after 2 years in SOC roles. His salary has increased hugely since making his career change end of 2020.


A huge congratulations to all of our students on their well deserved success and progression – from all of us at Learning People.  


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