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2022 Student Success Update | Monday August 08


Welcome to the Learning People Student Success update for 08 August 2022 – our regular weekly round up previewing a selection of up to the minute successes, including exams sat, certifications gained, interviews attended, and new positions attained. 


Code and software development

Azees will be starting his first Development position as Junior Developer with Bank of America in Dublin. He is excited to build his network and get ready for the next couple of months working with Full-Stack technologies

John completed his Full Stack Developer Diploma in 2020 and has since been working as a Python Developer with AI Global Media – still going strong!

Daniel began as a Freelance Web Developer upon completion of his course. He then landed an amazing opportunity with the Cognita Web Academy to design one of their training programs as an Online Course Creator. This experience has led him to a recent opportunity of becoming an Associate Software Testing Consultant with Dragonfly.


Project management

Karen is delighted to be starting work as a Project Officer with Trueman Change. This is a very big deal for Karen, who has had over 25 years in Medical Equipment Sales positions, and did her first PRINCE2 certification in February. She has worked a lot to take on the advice of the Career Services team for her CV, Networking Strategies and Interview/Presentation planning, and is now taking her first PM role. All members of the Career Services team offered advice and motivation to Karen.

Rifat has started in Project Support with Birmingham and Solihull NHS Foundation Trust. She interviewed with them for a Project Assistant role in October and was unsuccessful. She received another offer in that time for a Project Coordinator role with Full Fiber which she ended up declining due to extensive travel required to Derby from Birmingham. She interviewed with the NHS Trust again in May and has now started in their Project Support capacity in a fully remote role!



One of our Webinar guests, John has been offered a 6-month contract working as Delivery Manager with University College London, focusing on an important project for one of their Research teams. John is beyond thrilled, having invested a lot into his Project Management courses, and he also awaits confirmation of a second job offer as Programme Manager with a different company.

Louis is Project Coordinator for AIS Utilities and Jennifer has won some freelance project work with True Self and will be extremely busy working 4-5 hours most evenings along with her day time job AND studying!



Najum is working as an IT Engineer Contractor for the NHS and Liana has secured a Customer Service & Account Coordinator role for Riddingtons Payroll to gain more commercial experience while studying for the Cyber certs.



A huge congratulations to all of our students on their well deserved success and progression – from all of us at Learning People.  


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