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Our Coding student success stories

Timothy Jones

Reason for enrolling

I was looking at free courses about web development and just caught the bug. I then noticed that Learning People were based in Brighton which is where I went to University, so I got in touch.

Career Services

I used their support quite a lot. Marisha was really really useful. I booked a lot of sessions and phone calls so I knew what to do. When it came to crunch-time and I got my first interview, she was excellent at fitting me in and supporting me at short notice. I was told at 1pm I had an interview at 4pm! She was great at giving me quick feedback. Once they gave me the second stage interview, Marisha and Robyn and Rebecca prepared me to demonstrate how to teach online and created a practice run-through. It allowed me to have a run through and get some instant feedback. It gave me lots of confidence going into the interview. 

The Results

Timothy says:

I have been able to change my career entirely, from teaching PE to teaching how to code. I have married the skills of my previous career with my passion for coding. I spend the day teaching adults online how to code. It is fast-paced and has helped to reinforce my own knowledge and I get to improve myself. I teach people with many different goals and education levels. It is a cohort of 18 people with different levels of coding education. Their goal is to be in an apprenticeship or a job.

[Learning People] have hit the nail on the head with everything they do. Career Services is absolutely fantastic. Their energy and enthusiasm is fantastic and makes you want to give 110% of everything you do. The initial call was incredibly reassuring and professional. The whole process was easy and I never felt anxious.”




Suzy Bennett

Reason for enrolling

I was working full-time in a job that I wasn’t enjoying but had access to some e-learning through my company. So I used this to work out what I wanted to do as my next career move as I just wasn’t seeing any career progression being available with my current employer. So I started playing around with some HTML and CSS and built a few different projects on my own, and then I thought, why don’t I get a qualification and do this as my new job as it was something that I really enjoyed.


The StudentCare team were there to support me when I needed it, I found them really helpful.

Career Services

I went to the workshops and spoke a lot with Marisha who gave me brilliant advice about preparing for interviews and she was always really interested in how I was getting on. She always remembered what we’d spoken about previously and was really helpful to find the next interview or test to do.

The Results

Suzy says:

“I had a colleague who was also playing around with the idea of coding as a career. They had also suggested learning JavaScript, the idea was that they started with JavaScript and I started with HTML and we said that we’d meet each other in the middle – but I just really wanted all the skills to get into web design.

The reviews online for Learning People were very good. When I was looking for a company to start the coding course I didn’t really know where to start – but then Learning People came up on TrustPilot. There were lots of good reviews on there talking about how good the Career Services team were and how there was a lot of help along the way and a lot of good advice. I saw the reviews and Learning People looked brilliant.

I went to the workshops and spoke a lot with Marisha from Career Services who gave me brilliant advice about preparing for interviews and she was always really interested in how I was getting on. She always remembered what we’d spoken about previously and was really helpful to find the next interview or test to do.

The advice I would give to people thinking of enrolling is to make sure you have the time to commit and embed yourself with the community. Go along to all the workshops and webinars as they are really friendly and you get some really helpful advice – and the other students are very willing to share their feedback too – just get stuck in.”




Matteo Imeri

Reason for enrolling

I was looking for a coding course and found LP online. I noticed the diploma in Full Stack Software development and asked for a phone call. It was important for me to get a recognised qualification. 


I was able to get support when I needed it, I emailed StudentCare to access a webinar and had a response within 1 hour.

Career Services

Robyn was my consultant, she’s absolutely brilliant, she helped me with my CV and every time I had an interview she was very supportive and positive. She helped me realise that you will find the company that’s right for me. It really helped me to push and find the right placement. 

The Results

Matteo says:

“I wanted to learn more about software development. It’s something I’ve touched on before when I was a music producer and sound engineer, so I used a lot of software. Some of my friends were able to modify the software they were using for their own needs and it sounded really complicated. One of them said to me, it can be difficult at the beginning, but once you learn to code there’s so much you can do with it. And once I saw the training and qualification on your site, I decided that these were the skills I wanted to have. 

Learning People had really good reviews online and very strong career support. Being a career changer coming from a completely different background I thought this was something I needed once I finished the training.  I didn’t have anyone to point me in the right direction apart from one friend in the US and one in the Netherlands who work in the industry. So, having someone to help me with my CV and understand the industry was a huge help. At the time, my job was a mechanical engineer, so I had no idea about tech companies and what they were looking for.

I’m now working for DBD Distribution who decided to go paper free around 10 years ago. They have an in-house dev team, two back end developers and 1 front end. I’m working in between both teams currently and they want me to move into a full stack developer position. It’s a very good company, I feel lucky.”




Marina Shalneva

Reason for enrolling

When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, the restaurant industry suffered and I ended up without a steady income. I realised it was time to develop new skills for me and my family’s future. 

I had a blog for about a year, where I started using WordPress, and I got to know how to create and manage content, and how to use SEO and social media marketing. But I wanted to learn more and to be able to customise my site without the limitations that occur when you use the pre-made WordPress themes.

Looking to the future, I wanted to ensure I could have a good work-life balance and that I’d be able to spend more time with my family. The web development industry was booming during the pandemic, and many people were able to work from home while earning a good salary!

Career Services

Robyn de Brún from Career Services has supported me so much with my career change. She helped me shape up my CV and LinkedIn profile, and when I got my first interview, she helped me to prepare and guided me through the process. 

The Results

Marina says:

“I loved online learning! Coming from no coding background, I found the combination of video tutorials to be fantastic, and if I wasn’t sure about something, I could just re-watch the video. I was also able to ask my fellow students questions, and get tutor support.  


When you’re completing the course material, there are so many coding challenges, and the Milestone Projects are a fantastic way to summarise your learning. Plus, at the end of the course, you end up with a portfolio of projects to showcase your skills to potential new employers.

Weekly webinars with fellow students or career teams from Code Institute are a fantastic addition to your learning experience. Monthly Career Services workshops from Learning People helped me to shape up my CV and prepare for interviews.

I would definitely recommend Learning People. Connie went through all the financial options with me to ensure I was making the right choice and was comfortable with my outgoings each month.”




Dante Healy

Reason for enrolling

I had a strong background in finance and was made redundant in March from my role as Project Manager. I enrolled onto Learning People’s full stack web development course as I had a strong interest in coding. 


The support has been excellent as well as the courses which I’ve benefited from immensely.

Career Services

Career Services were spot-on, the support has been tremendous – Robyn has been a tremendous source of guidance and support for me during this time. 

I hadn’t interviewed for over 12 years and her guidance, encouragement and support was invaluable in giving me the confidence to not just to continue to persevere, but also have confidence that I would be successful.”

The Results

Dante says:

“The whole process from the initial engagement with the team to then learning and developing new skills really stood me in great stead, even during COVID-19. Sharon was persuasive in the best way by letting me try the five day challenge which I completed in a day. 

“The lockdown period was one of relative isolation having been separated from my former company – without Learning People’s support as well as the student community in my course I would have struggled more than I did – which thankfully wasn’t actually a struggle.

Learning new skills is critical in the new economy and this platform enabled me to polish up my existing soft skills and augment them with in demand technical digital skills required for the new economy. ”