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Student support

Student support

Online Learning Support and Resources

With more than a decade of experience in helping students to knuckle down and level up – our online learning support and resources section is the go-to for finding information that will help you advance into your dream career. The Learning People team is made up of tech professionals, recruitment specialists, education experts and most of all, people who like people. We have insight and expertise in every aspect of what we provide and underpinning everything is the student support.

Not just for Learning People students, the student support section also caters for a wider audience with questions answered on how to build an online blog. We have an entire series of articles dedicated to parents and guardians where we advise on the hard skills, soft skills and education required for kids to become successful in the world of tech and project management.

Top tips for working at home can help save you time and increase both your productivity and your happiness and will only take 7 minutes to read.

Career Support

Student centric articles focus on subjects such as choosing the right job when 2 are offered + study specific blogs will provide guidance on exam resources and best preparation. There’s a deep dive into our exclusive career matching software where we explore how 4000+ algorithms bridge the gap between personality types and suitable careers.

Tech and project management Support

Within our IT student support articles we look at the possible pathways for starting a career as an information technology professional, and demystify the certifications that matter.

Our project management support blogs give real life examples of how Learning People students have achieved work all around the world with the power of certifications.

Software development and coding content will help you to understand the fundamentals of coding and programming and what you should learn and in which order.

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