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Introducing our career match tool

Learning People are thrilled to announce our latest educational partnership with MyCareerMatch – the personality analysis experts.

It’s in our DNA to help people find their dream careers. That’s why we’ve exclusively partnered with MyCareerMatch — experts in helping students around the world find the perfect career pathway by analysing their personality strengths. 

We’re proud to announce our patented personality match tool — an addition to our career change and up-skilling consultation process.  

Our goal has always been to support student success, and we’ve helped thousands of students achieve their career dreams for over 10 years. With the exciting launch of our partnership with MyCareerMatch, we hope to help even more people discover their perfect career.

Using our career match tool, anyone can find out which one of 16 personality types they are and which Learning People courses and career pathways would best suit their skills, experience, and working styles — in under 5 minutes.


Who are MyCareerMatch?

Founded in 2008 by behavioural psychologists, psychometric experts and careers counsellors, MyCareerMatch helps students do something they love by understanding who they are on a human level — making them a perfect partner for us.

At Learning People, we continuously work to enhance student outcomes. The addition of personality analysis to our career consultation process will help students define and achieve their goals with greater confidence.

How was the career match tool developed?

Our career finder tool was built to bridge the gap between personality types and suitable careers, using a scientific personality assessment algorithm developed by MyCareerMatch for over a decade.

This approach was taken because employment studies have shown that personality is a significant contributing factor for career success. Studies have found that the closer the behavioural match between you and the job requirements of your role means you will be happier and more successful your career. Our quick career match tool will help more people set out on career paths that work well with their personality, outlook, and working styles.

How does it work?

The tool is based on proven behavioural and psychometric principles. It works by defining your ‘dominant’ and ‘backup’ personality styles and maps this information to the required attributes for specific specialisms and careers.

To put it simply, the career match tool will analyse and explain your personality style, look at your work-related strengths, and provide you with a detailed report on which career paths would suit you best — all based on your answers to a few simple questions.

What future career options are included?

The tool can match you with several different career pathways in tech and project development. However, we’ve broken these down into the top 3 most in-demand job sectors:

1. IT

The digital world is vast and thankfully caters for many personality types — but how do you know which one suits you best?

From entry-level IT support to cyber security and all the way to senior solutions architect, information technology is extremely varied with accessible career-led courses and up-skill options at all levels.

Our tool will match you to the Learning People courses that will help you begin your new tech career in a variety of these areas.

2. Coding

This tech specialism is perfect for those who love to work with granular detail. By becoming a coder you’ll be able to write and create applications, websites and software programs.

We offer University-accredited pathways in code that will start you off with the basics, teach you the industry required languages, and result in a professional portfolio of work. The detailed career report you’ll receive after using the tool will show you suitable career paths in code based on your personality traits, including software developer and data scientist.

3. Project Management

The project management industry continues to show resilience and is becoming more in demand than ever. There are currently 54,000 project management jobs advertised on TotalJobs, while the Telegraph recently reported that more UK businesses are realising that their future relies on the ability to quickly adapt to new circumstances, resulting in a thriving job market for qualified PM professionals. 

So, if you possess vision and leadership with a keen eye for detail, then a PM role can place you in various sectors. Our project management training certifies you to global industry standards, covering principles and methodologies, agile, and change management.  

Match your personality to a career in tech or project management

Find out in less than 5 minutes which future-proofed career pathways best suit your personality and working style.

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