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Explore a career in IT project management

How do I become an IT project manager?

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Meet project management student Owen who made the transition from working in IT support. He is currently studying with Learning People to become a project manager but has found roles in project management since completing his first course with us.

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What does a career in IT project management look like?Is IT project management for me?How do I become an IT project manager?

Become an IT Project Manager

The IT industry is constantly growing, with new startups, businesses and individuals transforming to the digital world. IT service management has now become more important than ever.

Not only that, but the industry is becoming more innovative. There are now more tech products and services than ever before. With the growth in these projects, the need for project managers with the right skills in IT is in higher demand than ever. 

Key responsibilities in an IT project management role:

Lead web, app, and mobile projects

Estimate and plan the scope for all projects

Deliver projects on time and on budget

Schedule workflow and resources

Risk management

Comms with senior stakeholders or clients

Manage and communicate with all involved teams

Service desk management

With entry roles in IT project management starting at £30,000 and progressing to £100,000 as a Digital Project manager, you’ll be highly sought after for an in-demand and lucrative role in the industry.

For anyone working in the IT industry, the next natural step may be to move into project management or IT service management. Service desk management and IT project management both require a strategic mindset, continually working to improve the business and the projects within it.

You’ll also have a strong understanding of the technology industry and be familiar with working alongside tech professionals.

Getting the right certifications will help you on your way to becoming a professional IT project manager.

For those already working in the IT or project management industry, or for complete beginners, there are courses to suit your needs. 

You’ll learn basic frameworks in ITIL®, as well as project management processes and methodologies such as PRINCE2® and Agile. 

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