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Digital education aligned to tech and project management, with unrivalled 360 Career Services and StudentCare™

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Online courses for validating your skillset

The risk of redundancy is also a widely felt risk in the job market. Our courses and collections teach only the most in-demand and widely recognised methodologies and skills.

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Online courses for upskillers

An effective way of landing a promotion or salary increase in your current role is by gaining a recognised certification that develops your knowledge and skills in the relevant areas.

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Online courses for career changers

It’s time for a fresh challenge in an industry rich in opportunity. Whether you are looking for more flexible hours or a high salary,  you are guaranteed to find a role in tech more suited to your career needs. 


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Online courses for school leavers

Online learning is a modern alternative to university. Find out what courses we would recommend for someone fresh out of school.

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