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Tim Jones | code Student Testimonial


We catch up with Learning People graduate Timothy Jones who changed his career from PE Teacher to Software Development Technical Trainer by studying and passing the Diploma in Full Stack Software Development.


Tell us why you enquired with Learning People

I was looking at free courses about web development and just caught the bug. I then noticed that Learning People were based in Brighton which is where I went to University, so I got in touch.


Were there any specific skills you were looking to gain or develop by enrolling with Learning People?

When I studied my A-Levels I created an invoice system with Macros. I really liked the puzzle element and satisfaction from solving problems and seeing solutions come to life. The design element of CSS also helped me match the creative element of my personality. 


Why did you want to change careers?

It just looked like there was so much more opportunity in coding as a career and I just found that PE was becoming increasingly difficult with all the restrictions and paperwork involved.


Tell us what the career consultation phone call was like for you

My call with Noah went really well. He was really friendly and made me feel really positive with my decision. It was a bit of a financial risk on the one side, but Noah was very reassuring and supportive.


Did you utilise any of the course mentoring – if so, how did it help you?

Gerry was good, I had a lot of time for Gerry. I really enjoyed my time with him. He gave me some really good feedback on how to improve and change my code to something more suitable.


Tell us about your experience of working with our Career Services team, and what did you find most useful?

I used their support quite a lot. Marisha was really really useful. I booked a lot of sessions and phone calls so I knew what to do. When it came to crunch-time and I got my first interview, she was excellent at fitting me in and supporting me at short notice. I was told at 1pm I had an interview at 4pm! She was great at giving me quick feedback. Once they gave me the second stage interview, Marisha and Robyn and Rachel prepared me to demonstrate how to teach online and created a practice run-through. It allowed me to have a run through and get some instant feedback. It gave me lots of confidence going into the interview. 


How did enrolling with Learning People affect your career? 

I have been able to change my career entirely, from teaching PE to teaching how to code. I have married the skills of my previous career with my passion for coding.



Tell us about your new job

I spend the day teaching adults online how to code. It is fast-paced and has helped to reinforce my own knowledge and I get to improve myself. I teach people with many different goals and education levels. It is a cohort of 18 people with different levels of coding education. Their goal is to be in an apprenticeship or a job.


What has been the best part of your Learning People experience?

Marisha stands out! Her whole manner of working is massively infectious! She is incredibly reassuring and made sure I had the right angle to go down. She is such a lovely person.


What advice would you give to somebody who is thinking about enrolling with Learning People?

Absolutely. Do it. They have hit the nail on the head with everything they do. Career Services is absolutely fantastic. Their energy and enthusiasm is fantastic and makes you want to give 110% of everything you do. The initial call was incredibly reassuring and professional. The whole process was easy and I never felt anxious.