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£1 million Online Learning Grant

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Investing £1 million in the next generation of tech professionals

Published on:  8 April 2020

What is the Online Learning Grant?

Our mission is to empower people of all skill levels to embrace a career in technology. To do this, we’re proud to deliver accessible, flexible and industry recognised training and support to help you take your first steps into tech, or extend your career further. online-learning-grant-inset

This investment will help individuals on their career journey, providing the skills needed to become career ready. We’re aiming to guide as many people as possible into the world of technology, an industry which is not only future-proof and rich in opportunity, but more exciting than ever before.

If you are totally new to the industry, or looking to enhance your technology skills, our award winning portfolio of coding, cyber security, project management and IT courses can help you to gain the in-demand skills that businesses are looking for. Particularly during these uncertain times.

“As a company we have always taken great pride in looking out for our students” says Patrick Aylmer, CEO. “These are disconcerting times, but we are more committed than ever to helping everyone to access the training they need to help bridge the global tech skills gap and to accelerate their career whilst also boosting their job security.”

Next steps

While we are prioritising grant funding to those who have been impacted by COVID-19 and/or looking to increase their job security through up-skilling or retraining, the Online Learning Grant is broadly available to all new enrolments from 8 April until 30 June 2020.

Following your enquiry, our career consultants will work with you to identify the best career and learning path for you to achieve your objectives at this time and assess your eligibility for the grant funding support.

Technology is helping to shape our world. Take the first step to shaping your future and get in touch with one of our Career Consultants today.

The benefits of online learning

All our courses are specifically designed to be studied 100% online, bringing some great benefits to the student experience.

Online learning offers the flexibility to fit into your busy schedule, whether that being homeschooling children or fitting around a busy day job. It’s a great way to keep any spare time productive knowing that you’re learning worthwhile professional skills that can boost or change your career pathway.

Uncertain times shouldn’t let you lose focus of your career goals. Our online training will keep you on track with your aims, and help you achieve that perfect role in the tech industry.

Why is now the ideal time to start a career in tech?

Technology continues to advance and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, tech companies all over the world are currently banding together to help fight the current pandemic. The ability to work remotely with ease is a massive advantage to the industry, meaning it remains a source of incredible career opportunities.

With a multitude of career pathways, there is a role to suit every professional’s working style and interests.

  • Cyber security

There is a wealth of opportunity for professionals in cyber security. With the job market boasting a 0% unemployment rate, it promises job security to anyone with the right skills.

The role is right  in the heart of the action against one of the biggest threats in modern day to an organisation. It’s highly rewarding with high salaries to match.

  • Networking

It is essential for organisations to have a smooth running network, meaning IT professionals with computer networking skills are a necessity.

The role offers the opportunity to be out in the field in an industry of your choice. You don’t have to be confined to your desk.

  • Coding

According to Monster, learning to code can lead towards a role in one of the highest paying industries. A career in coding is flexible and you have the pick of any industry.

The role brings fresh daily challenges and you are continuously learning. You can find an organisation to suit you or become a freelance and manage your own time.

  • Project management

Having an efficient project manager can save an organisation heaps in time, resources and money.  As a project manager you will see a task from planning and into fruition. There is a demand in every industry, globally.

In the IT sector, management talent demand is as strong as ever. Research shows that whilst robotics, drones and driverless vehicles are removing many manual careers,  career opportunities in the IT project management sectors are continuing to thrive.

Fully supported by career experts

The online learner journey begins with an in-depth consultation call with a career expert to identify the most suitable online training, based on an evaluation of their skills, experience and career goals. Upon enrolment the new student is then introduced to a member of the StudentCareTM team to have a fully detailed orientation. The orientation involves taking the student around the highly intelligent learning platform Percipio so they can get to grips with the bespoke features and elastic search function – used by the likes of Netflix and eBay.

During their studies, the students gain access to the exclusive Career Services to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to approach the job market and to boost their employability.

We know how talented our students are and we also know how difficult it can be to be recognised in a jobseeker environment. There are thousands of online opportunities, job boards and websites that you need to navigate, even the most experienced professionals can struggle in their chosen fields. What we aim to do is give our students all the tools they need to reach their career goals with ease.” – Mike Appleby, Head of Talent Communities.

Assess your eligibility for the £1 million Online Learning Grant