Women in Tech

Celebrating women's rising impact in technology

Let’s explore the evolving landscape of women in tech, highlighting how their growing contribution has impacted the industry.

Incorporating women into traditionally male-dominated industries is crucial for bringing unique skills and perspectives that enhance creativity and innovation. The tech industry, historically a stark example of gender disparity, has experienced significant shifts over the last two decades. This is in part thanks to the transformative impact of female contributions in roles from software development to leadership.

While the number of women in key tech roles has grown, the latest Women in Tech survey shows they remain on the back foot, making up only 26% of the IT workforce. While scholarships and mentorship programs offer entry points for women, these opportunities are still too scarce and highly competitive, which is why accessible education platforms are vital to the development of the industry.

If you’re considering joining the force and hoping to see more female representation, learn about these amazing, awe-inspiring game changers.

Suki Fuller 

Suki Fuller’s career as an intelligence advisor spans 20 years and covers multiple disciplines. Fuller is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker on surveillance, security, the ethics of technology, and more. She is lauded as a master of all things tech and was named as the 2023 Most Influential Woman in Tech by Computer Weekly.

Fuller has combined her personal skills as a woman with her vast wealth of tech knowledge to mentor for various organisations, as well as sitting on the board of numerous reputable groups such as GTA Black Women in Tech.

Jess Wilson

Launching her first venture, online shopping app STASHD at 16 and another by 22, Jess has become a heavy hitter in transforming industries through technology, with a focus on the millennial and Gen-Z demographics. This strategic approach has positioned her as a prominent figure in women's leadership, innovation, and the exploration of modern technologies.

Her role in co-founding Women Making Waves, a tech firm dedicated to legal reforms for women's rights, further cements her influence. Forbes has recognised Wilson as one of the 1,000 entrepreneurs under 30 set to make significant global impacts over the next 50 years.

Parisa Tabriz

Parisa Tabriz has played a pivotal role in advancing cyber security. As the Director of Engineering, she led Google's Chrome security team, focusing on safeguarding billions of users from online threats. Her contributions include strengthening browser security, pioneering security protocols, and advocating for widespread use of HTTPS. Tabriz's leadership has inspired a new generation of cybersecurity professionals to prioritise user safety in technology development.

Kat Holmes

Kat Holmes is renowned for her work in inclusive design, significantly impacting UX design. As a former Principal Director of Inclusive Design at Microsoft, she established an integrated approach to creating products that serve a diverse range of needs and abilities. Her strategy emphasises the importance of addressing exclusion and using diversity as a source of innovation. Holmes has fundamentally shifted how designers approach and value inclusivity in the design process.

The future of women in tech looks promising as efforts to make education more accessible begin to blossom in many regions. With organisations like ours, complemented by mentorship programmes and initiatives targeted at women, we're committed to opening opportunities up for everyone, regardless of their background or education history. Our goal is to highlight the vast array of possibilities open to individuals, offering the necessary support to achieve their highest potential. Thanks to our StudentCare™ and Career Services teams, we're able to provide personalised guidance for everyone, easing any concerns or doubts they may have about venturing into the tech industry.

With the support of strong role models and education platforms, the tech industry can not only anticipate an increase in female participation but also benefit from the diverse perspectives and innovations that women bring to the table. Ultimately, the journey towards embracing women in the tech industry is a collective one, and we hope to play a key role in helping you to see and realise your professional potential

Abi Harrison

A success story from one of our female Full Stack Developers

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