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What are the benefits of making a career change later in life?

Squash your doubts with our comprehensive list of reasons why making a career change later in life gives you a head start in your new industry.

Four benefits of making a career change later in life

If you’re considering a career change later in life, you’re not alone. In fact, 80% of our students are career changers and have transferrable skills that put them at an advantage. And here’s why… 

You already know what you want

If you're considering a career change later in life, it's likely you’ve had a handful of professional experiences across various jobs or even different industries. Throughout this journey, you've not only gained a wealth of technical knowledge but also refined your understanding of what really excites and motivates you. Your previous roles have played a key part in shaping your career perspective, teaching you through both positive experiences and challenges.  

Equipped with this insight, you're in an ideal position to make informed decisions about your next steps. This level of understanding enables you to navigate towards a career path that not only meets your aspirations but also capitalises on your collected expertise.

You’ve got experience

Your journey through life has not only been about gaining professional expertise but also developing your own set of soft skills, which are equally valuable. The skills you’ve acquired along the way, such as communication, problem-solving, and time management, are essential tools that set you apart from others in the competitive job market. Communication is more than just speaking or writing well—it's about connecting with people, understanding human needs, and conveying ideas clearly. Problem-solving is equally crucial; it enables you to navigate challenges creatively and effectively, turning obstacles into opportunities. Time management, meanwhile, helps you prioritise tasks, minimise stress, and maintain productivity.

Your ability to quickly adapt to new roles, leveraging your previous experiences, makes you a valuable asset. Transitioning to a new career where your skills are in high demand can lead to salary increases as you align more closely with industries or roles that better utilise your expertise.

Deeper satisfaction

The deliberate shift into a career that resonates more with your values is almost guaranteed to enhance your sense of fulfilment each day. Taking control of your future in this way not only helps you avoid the draining effects of work fatigue but also empowers you to engage more deeply with your work. Embracing a career that feels right and aligns with your passion inspires fresh enthusiasm and energy, turning every work day into an opportunity to grow and enjoy what you do. The self-directed approach to your career path ensures that you’re not just going through the motions, but actively shaping your life in a way that brings personal and professional satisfaction.

Fresh sense of purpose

As adults, we often find ourselves sticking to familiar routines, which can lead to feelings of disenchantment and a lack of inspiration, which is reflected in a recent study that found 90% of UK employees lack enthusiasm for their jobs. Taking a brave step into a new career can dramatically change this stagnant trajectory. It’s not just about professional growth; such a leap can significantly sharpen your mind by challenging it with new problems and unfamiliar situations. Additionally, a career change can open up a world of opportunities to meet different people, broadening your perspectives and enriching your personal experiences. Engaging with different cultures and industries may help you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world, reigniting your passion and curiosity.

Any transition period in life can feel really difficult and bring up feelings of anxiety and self-doubt, but you should remind yourself that the professional life you’ve lived so far has led you to this point and the things you’ve learned were not in vain. Knowing what you want, having gained transferable skills, and knowing a fresh start will bring you fulfilment and excitement should spur you on to make the change today and embrace the next chapter.

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