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Meet our cyber security students

Discover how our cyber security training has impacted our students careers.

Published on:  23 June 2020

We spoke to a few of our current and former cyber security students about their experience with our online training. Discover why they enrolled onto our cyber security courses, what they’re working on at the moment, and the impact the course has had on their career currently, and how it’ll help them in the future.

Learning People | cyber security students

Why get certified in cyber security?

Colin had spent the last 10 years in a helpdesk role but was looking to upskill into cyber security. “I decided to become certified in cyber security to move my career in that direction.”

Matt was a recent A-level graduate when he began his cyber security training “I recently finished A-levels but didn’t want to go to university, nor did I really want to jump straight into the world of work and do an apprenticeship. 

“I decided on a gap year, I believed going with Learning people allowed me to not only do education, but allow me to also have to do other things I wanted to pursue; such as my driving lessons, volunteering and part-time work to better myself and have a better future.”

Bohdi was looking for a new career opportunity and Daniel was looking for a career change.

Why choose Learning People as a cyber security course provider?

Colin was impressed by our “extensive training platform, with both video training as well as lab systems” and shared “Their support has been excellent, any problem I’ve had, I’ve only had to reach out and I’ve got help fairly quickly.”

Our StudentCareTM and Career Services were what stood out to Matt. “Obviously, for someone of my age, I wanted to have a lot of guidance, especially near the start. Making sure I was progressing well and getting on with the course in the right way.

“Their career advice team, someone of my age, being only 18, it’s very useful for me to have someone to go to to get assistance and advice when going into the world of work.”

Bohdi mentioned the career consultation. “I also had an extremely helpful consultation call which provided access to look into everything that I wanted to do and study. They were able to provide me with more information that I expected and were extremely helpful.”

Krisztian also commended his career consultant. “[My career consultant] has guided me since the beginning, and he encouraged me to start the course.”

What are the challenges you’ve faced whilst studying cyber security?

Colin talked about balancing his work and student life. “I work a lot so I can only study on a part-time basis. But I’ve managed to push through and been quite happy with what I’ve achieved with the support of Learning People.”

Matt found the learning platform easy to navigate and his only challenges were learning the course content. “As someone who’s never done anything to do with that sort of area, it is difficult. Obviously, with the StudentCareTM team I know how to get help.”

Krisztian also found the course to be a welcomed challenge. “Initially, it was a real challenge, cyber security was a completely new field for me. However, it was never my intention to give up and I started to enjoy developing myself and learning more and more, day by day.”

Bohdi “Some challenges that I faced were time management and latency issues but I overcame those issue by going to my university where there were super max, fibre speeds”

How has your cyber security training had an impact on you and your career? 

Colin and Matt are continuing with their training, to gain all the relevant certifications for their career in cyber security.

Krisztian found the training had an immediate effect on his career. “Since gaining my first qualification, which was the CompTIA A+, doors started opening in front of me. I haven’t found a job yet, but it’s clear it’s much easier to find a tech job with a tech qualification.”

Bohdi is already reaping the benefits of his training. “Getting certified in a new skill has changed my life by providing new income opportunities for myself and my family and it’s also something that I have thoroughly enjoyed doing.”

What was the most important thing that you learnt during your cyber security training? 

Colin is looking forward to his future in cyber security. “My career goals are that I aim to move into the exciting cyber security field, and I definitely recommend Learning People for anyone looking for some high level fully supported training.”

Matt is happy he decided to do the training straight after his A-levels. “I think one important thing about Learning People is that it’s not just for career changers, it’s for career starters, like myself. Obviously me getting qualifications now at my age puts me in a really good position for the future, and allows me to be ahead of the curve when it comes to looking for future job prospects, as a lot of people won’t have the qualifications that I have.”

Bohdi enjoyed learning a new skill above all else. “The most important thing that I’ve learned is that you can never know enough and that you have to continue to strive to learn more each and every day. 

“My biggest advice for developing your tech skills in the IT sector would be to find your comfort zone within something and continue to learn it to a ‘T’, and then move on to something that you don’t know and continue to learn new things all the time.”

Krisztian ended with some advice based on what he has learnt. “My advice for people who want to develop their tech skills is try to find something which you have a real interest in, and find a suitable course. Remember the first steps are the hardest.”

We’re really excited about the next generation of students as they navigate the cyber security world. If this sounds like you, then discover more about a career in cyber security, and feel free to arrange a consultation call with one of our experts today to find out how you can start.