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Discover how ITIL® 4 will accelerate your career

Future-proof your tech career with an  ITIL® certification. Accelerate your skills in IT project & service management for new or expanded job opportunities.

Discover how  ITIL® 4 will Accelerate Your Career

A report by the World Economic Forum predicted that one billion jobs will be transformed by technology by 2030. It also warned that we are approaching a global reskilling revolution. As a result, businesses are proactively searching for the future skills they will need to ensure they are one step ahead of these challenges, with many employees also beginning to transition into a career in tech. 

Modern workplaces love acronyms, and none more so than the world of technology. So, anyone looking to begin or further their career in IT will be expected to quickly learn the key concepts and terminology used across the tech industry. But the good news is that there is a universal service management framework used by organisations of all sizes around the world to ensure everyone is speaking the same language. 


What is ITIL® 4?

ITIL® 4, which stands for IT Infrastructure Library, will play a critical role in whatever career path you choose in IT. The service management framework helps every team member understand the importance of the IT and business strategies being aligned across an organisation. It assesses the impact of technology on businesses, integrates with Agile and DevOps, while also supporting the increasing need for digital transformation. 

Beginners will start their journey with the ITIL 4 Foundation course, which will help them enter the world of IT. They will begin to understand commonly used service management terms and concepts, as well as technical, cultural, and behavioural principles that set the context for how their work will impact the organisation beyond IT. 

An employee who understands this standardised approach to IT service management should be able to walk into any business and apply ITIL practices. ITIL certification does this by preparing you to work under the ITIL framework. As you progress through the program, it will help you contribute to the continuous service improvement that organisations need to thrive. 

The ITIL 4 certification is globally recognised and has quickly become a prerequisite for employers who are looking for new talent. Here are 5 ways that ITIL 4  can accelerate your career and help unite all your tech teams. 


Career growth with ITIL 4

Household names from Microsoft, IBM, and CISCO, to Disney and NASA, they’re all proud adopters of the ITIL framework. It’s no secret that knowledge and experience of ITIL® 4 are increasingly being expected as the default qualification in major organisations around the world. But its certification path will ensure that your learning progressing will take you on a journey from ITIL Foundation Certification through to Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert, and Master levels. 

A CV with ITIL credentials will help employees stand out from the crowd from their uncertified counterparts and help future-proof their careers. For businesses, if an entire team has a minimum of the ITIL 4 Foundation qualification, it will ensure that everyone shares the standard vocabulary for ITSM (IT Service Management) and instinctively knows how to apply best practice principles to processes. 

The path you take on your ITIL journey can help take you in any direction in IT. For example, techies often begin as support technicians and eventually specialise in applications, networks, hardware, security, or even systems architecture. Others prefer to take a more managerial route into project management, service delivery, incident, change, or relationship management.  

Finally, there are various senior management roles such as chief technical officer (CTO), chief information security officer (CISO), and IT Director, meaning that you can take your career in IT in any direction that works best for your unique skill set and passion. Whichever path you choose, it will be the ITIL® 4 framework that will play a critical role in accelerating your career. 


Salary growth with ITIL 4

The ITIL® 4 certification is recognised certification and for that reason, it can take you anywhere in the world. Here in the UK, the salary range for an ITIL Foundation certified professional typically begins around £30,000 and can quickly rise from £30,000 – £65,000 when you reach ITIL expert status. But employees will also need considerable experience and be able to prove their ability by putting the framework into effect. 

ITIL Foundation certified  professionals typically put themselves in a bracket where they earn more than an average salary. Ultimately, the ITIL certification will open many doors and provide opportunities for ITIL practitioners to gain the experience they need to develop and accelerate their careers. The Roadmap for ITIL Certification will not increase your salary on its own, but it’s how you apply your knowledge and expertise in ITSM that will provide you with endless opportunities. 


Stand out in the corporate world with the ITIL 4 certification

According to TechRepublic, more than 10,000 organisations worldwide have already adopted ITIL. As a result, ITIL®certified professionals are becoming increasingly attractive job candidates to businesses looking for individuals in alignment with global IT service management standards. 

ITIL certification helps candidates prove to prospective employers that they are well-versed in the best practices needed within the IT industry. As you progress through the certification levels, you will also unlock the ability to take on different roles which can help you quickly progress within a company, saving employers thousands in recruitment fees. All of which highlights that the candidate is a lucrative investment. 

Developing an understanding of the entire IT infrastructure will also enable you to seamlessly wear many hats, which will make you invaluable to any organisation. For example, an ITIL certification allows you to provide value right away for an employer. It could also mean that you will arrive with ideas and strategies learned from your training to make their operations more efficient.  

In theory, IT-qualified candidates can walk into any company in the world and immediately understand the infrastructure, meaning they can hit the ground running by making a valuable contribution on day one. For these reasons alone, ITIL will make you stand out from the crowd in the corporate world. 


Broaden Your Career Options with ITIL 4

Due to ITIL® 4 being a globally recognised qualification,  rather than being limited to your immediate geographical location, ITIL enables employees to boost their careers at an international level. Although many are attracted by the increased salary that ITIL certification can bring, its access to the broader employment landscape and limitless opportunities to progress can help employees broaden their career options. A staggering 375 million workers (who represent roughly 14 per cent of the global workforce) may need to consider pivoting to a new career as the digitisation and automation of everything gather pace. As advances in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence continue to disrupt the world of work, the McKinsey Global Institute report warned that retraining and upskilling existing workers had become an urgent business priority. 

The ITIL® 4 certification provides an opportunity for growth and transformation of everyone, from individuals looking to transition into a career in tech, to businesses looking to ensure all their teams share the same understanding. A path of continuous learning will help enhance knowledge and skills while playing a critical role in keeping employees engaged and businesses on the path to success. 


Futureproof your career with ITIL training

One of the most attractive aspects of ITIL 4 is that it is a business enabler that tackles the world of continuous change in technology. Organisations that remain rigid and static or cling to the business models of the past are getting taken out by young, agile start-ups. Therefore, leaders and their teams must have a capacity for change in order to adapt and evolve with the digital landscape by being a part of a new proactive culture in IT. 

Soon, current trends around IoT, AI, automation, and blockchain will quickly become out of date, and businesses must adapt quickly once again as things change. ITIL best practices provide the much-needed adaptability that enables teams to take full advantage of new opportunities. In addition, ITIL-qualified employees are empowered to build future-proof systems that can evolve with ever-changing circumstances and anything waiting on the horizon.  

ITIL-certified candidates who embrace a path of continuous learning also increase their future job prospects in the IT industry. With a massive demand for ITIL-certified professionals in incident management, change management, and service management, it has never been easier to pivot your career and explore the different stages in the ITIL Lifecycle model. 


Level up your career with the ITIL Framework

Whether you’re preparing to enter a career in IT or an existing IT professional looking to diversify your credentials, ITIL 4 will play a critical role in jump-starting your career in IT service management. In a digital world where collaboration is paramount, ITIL 4 creates a large network of people within the IT industry and helps them explore new methodologies and ways of working with the mutual goal of driving business value.  

ITIL 4 offers those with a passion for technology to level up their skills via a clear, structured path. By learning new skills and gaining expertise, ITIL professionals are invaluable to the modern workplace and are leading the way within the sector. 

It’s easy to see how ITIL can transform your career, if you are interested in obtaining a basic understanding of the ITIL® framework or if you’re currently an IT professional working within an organisation that has adopted ITIL®, we have the options that will enable you to learn the global language used within ITSM.  

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