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Why is LinkedIn important?

There are currently over 690 million people using LinkedIn, but why is this professional network so valuable for your career?

LinkedIn is built on the simple but effective premise of professional networking, making it the perfect place to reach professionals of all ages and backgrounds all over the world. We’ve put together the top reasons signing up to LinkedIn is so important.

Learning People | 2 Women creating LinkedIn profiles on laptop

Position yourself as a professional

As with all social networking platforms, once you sign up you have a customisable profile. You can use this to portray yourself as a strong professional and to display your relevant experience.

Your LinkedIn profile should include your past and present employment details as well as any relevant education and professional achievements. Having a respected certification in your aspiring field of work is a great way of standing out.

If you specialise in a particular field, the more interest and engagement you show on the subject area through LinkedIn, the more knowledgeable and therefore trustworthy you will come across. 

Sharing and leaving well versed comments on relevant industry posts will also help boost your presence in the industry and reputation as an informed professional. 


There is an astonishingly high amount of users across more than 200 countries at your fingertips. Once you have a strong professional profile, you will find more and more of these professionals will begin to connect with you. 

Like all social networking sites, LinkedIn has a dedicated algorithm that will begin recommending posts and profiles that are relevant to your interests. Take advantage of this algorithm by reaching out to and building relationships with people in your desired industry.

You may find you often keep stumbling across the same people in the discussions and groups you’re visiting on LinkedIn, which illustrates that you must have similar interests and work in similar industries. Why not reach out to them?

LinkedIn is no place to be intimidated, reaching out and connecting with other professionals from around the globe is its primary function, and it enables its users to do this easily.

Job opportunities

By creating a standout profile and building the right network, you are also opening yourself up to career opportunities. 

Your LinkedIn profile becomes a version of an online CV and it is common for employers to search for and view this during the recruiting process. Seeing a highly engaged professional with connections in the industry is going to come across well.

It can also be a means for potential employers to find you without you even applying for a position. With the help of the algorithm and keyword searching, recruiters use LinkedIn to scout for talent. There is even an ‘Open to work’ feature designed for this purpose. 

During the COVID-19 lockdown, professionals made redundant went one step further than this and used a specific ‘Open to work’ frame on their profile pictures to help them find job opportunities.

You can also take advantage of your network to bring in opportunities. You can reach out to employees or even hiring managers at the company you want to work for and get some great insights into their recruitment processes. 

Find out how to use LinkedIn with Learning People

As part of our student-exclusive Career Services you will be given a complete guide to creating a LinkedIn profile and how to use it effectively throughout your career. 

This service is run by industry experts with a wealth of experience within the complexities of the job market. The Career Services team supports our students and their employability, alongside their studies. With a large number of students looking to begin a new career in the tech industry, it’s a great service to ensure they get onto the right track.

Former student Thomas reached out to our Career Services during his training and has now entered his first coding role. The team helped him build a stand out LinkedIn profile and he was amazed at how quickly his network began to grow. Thomas shared:

Without Career Services’ guidance and support, I surely would have struggled to reach my goals of becoming a Junior Developer. I can not recommend Career Services enough to all students out there struggling to be found.

If you’re like Thomas and looking for career success in the tech industry, speak to one of our expert career consultants today. They will help identify the best online training for your goals and once enrolled you will have full access to our unrivalled Career Services.