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Cloud computing

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Our in-depth virtual seminar looks at what it takes to find career success in cloud computing, providing industry insight from the cloud giants – the different areas of cloud computing you can work in, and why more than 90% of enterprise businesses are already utilising Cloud services.

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What does a career in cloud computing look like?Is cloud computing right for me?How do I become a cloud specialist?

Become a cloud specialist

Working as a cloud specialist caters for many levels of experience, covering administration, security, development, and engineering – the operational agility and scalability of cloud computing also makes it one of techs most exciting developing sectors.

A cloud specialist will be expected to have industry certified knowledge of working with cloud services. These certifications are typically awarded by CompTIA, AWS, Azure, and Google, and validate your skills for entering the job market. 

Key responsibilities in a cloud computing role:

Configuration and monitoring

Network maintenance

Protecting infrastructure

Managing infrastructure

Cloud adaptation

Design and deployment

The global cloud infrastructure market is expected to reach $150+ billion in revenue in 2021 creating a global skills shortage of certified professionals, with the average UK cloud engineer salary being more than £69,000*.

*Source: Adzuna

Candidates for cloud will typically love working with all aspects of tech, be strong communicators and have a passion for problem solving.

The outcome of gaining internationally recognised certifications allows our graduates to work anywhere in the world in one of the most resilient and progressive tech sectors.

Working in the cloud is multi disciplined and requires a working knowledge of hardware, networks, and software which can be obtained prior to embarking upon your cloud specific certifications.

Globally recognised pathways are professionally mapped for those new to IT and those already established in the information technology domain.

Recommended courses:

Salary Indicator

Salary projection

Average salary after completing

Average Salary
Junior cloud system administrator
Average Salary
You can earn
Average Salary
Cloud architect
Source: Adzuna


You can earn an average of £55,000.00 a year

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