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Careers in digital marketing

Digital marketing is the promotion of a brand and it’s products across electronic platforms.

Traditional marketing is dead.

Brands now reach out to prospective customers in the digital space.

Companies build relationships with consumers and clients all over the world, in real time and on a greater scale than ever before.

The consumer controls what they see and when they see it.

It’s up to you as a digital marketer to ensure your message stands out from the crowd.

Typically, a digital marketer will have an understanding of:

seo – search engine optimisation

ppc – pay per click

display marketing


social media



web design

strategy and planning

Digital marketing is everything, so a digital marketer must ensure they stay ahead of the curve.

A successful professional will exhibit the following skills:

Problem solving – evaluates campaigns and adapts performance accordingly
Creativity – thinks outside the box
Listening – listens to what is fundamentally needed for each specific business and their target market
Continuous learner – passionate about learning new skills and open minded to new techniques
Analytical – objectively assesses past campaigns for failures and successes
Competitive – keeps an eye on the competition
Multitasking – basic knowledge of all subject areas with an understanding of how they interlink
Leadership – shares knowledge openly across teams

93% of agencies acknowledge major digital knowledge gaps.

Professional digital marketing certifications show employers that you are passionate and willing to learn.

They also enhance and compliment your hands on experience.

Digital marketing professionals can earn £23,000 when starting out, £40,000 when they become managers and over £100,000 if they become digital marketing directors.

It’s a lucrative, rewarding and exciting career.

The Digital Marketing Institute brings together the latest industry knowledge and has certified more marketing professionals to a global standard than any other digital marketing training provider.

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Digital Marketing Assistant
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Marketing Director
Source: Adzuna


You can earn an average of £59,100.00 a year

The UK digital economy is predicted to grow to 33% of GDP, adding up to £764 billion

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