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Petar Ivanov | Cloud Student Testimonial

Learning People graduate Petar made the jump into cloud computing by achieving his Azure & AWS certifications. Read his story & find your perfect course.

We met with Learning People graduate Petar Ivanov who made the leap into the tech world via a programme of Cloud Computing courses. He tells us his story of how his cloud computing career started by studying and passing Azure and AWS certifications. 


Tell us why you enquired with Learning People?

It all started with the pandemic, and it really got me thinking – where I am at the moment? What do I know? And what if something happened to the cinema industry that I was working in? So at that time, I really couldn’t see how I could expand from where I was. 

So I really needed to learn something more, something new to stay one step ahead. I really wanted to get into Cloud, and it just felt like that was the moment. So I decided to go for it. 


Were there any specific skills you were looking to gain by enrolling?

My main goal was to become a Solution Architect. But you need a little experience to get there and starting with Microsoft is helping me to get a step closer to that. 

Was there a particular reason you chose to enrol with Learning People and did you speak to many other training providers?

I think I spoke with one other training provider, but Learning People looked like a much more professional choice. It just sounded like you knew what you were doing and Tim, my career consultant, was a big part of why I enrolled. We had many calls, and he really listened to what I needed and found the specific Cloud Collection of training that was really perfect for me. And he really helped me make the decision. 

What was the career consultation phone call like for you?

Tim asked me what I’m doing now, he wanted to learn more about me –  and he pointed out what was best for me and what I was looking for. And also explained everything about how things work when I enrol. 

I did have some concerns, but he managed to explain everything in detail. For example, I was worried about what would happen if I failed any of the exams. And if I’d need to pay again to re-sit them. And he was able to confirm that there was nothing to worry about – and that I could have unlimited exam sittings, which really helped me decide on enrolling. 


Tell us about your new job

So I’m now an Azure Monitoring Support Engineer for Microsoft. Day to day I will be working different cases for Azure customers to help them achieve more in the Cloud Service and help them when they have a specific issue. 


What would you say the best part of your Learning People experience has been?

The best part for me was that I wasn’t worried about failing exams and having to pay more to sit them again. I didn’t actually fail many at all – I only had to re-sit one certification exam.  


What advice would you give somebody who is thinking about enrolling with Learning People?

Don’t think too much about how much it costs – or if it’s worth it. Because it’s always worth it. When people and companies see you do more, it shows them that you are dedicated to learn something new and progress in your career. 


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