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Take control of your career

Build the career you desire with our career ready education

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Data science

Learn the key skills required to turn data into actionable insights for business opportunities.

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Cloud computing

Learn and develop the key skills required to work with cloud technology with our globally recognised career aligned cloud packages.

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Make an impact with change management

Make an impact with change management. Discover how to help businesses adapt to change, and develop in-demand skills with a lucrative career pathway.

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IT Project Manager

Develop the skills to become a professional IT Project Manager. You’ll be in high-demand across the IT and tech industry.

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Become a cyber security professional

Cyber security is a lucrative and fulfilling career. Ideally suited to those with a flair for problem solving, good communicators and those passionate about new technologies. The demand from businesses for online protection has never been higher, resulting in a rapid growth of opportunities.

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Become an ethical hacker

Jump into the fastest growing industry in the world and build skills to specialise in white hat methods to ensure the cyber security of an organisation. Join the battle against cyber crime.

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Become a project manager

Take your natural leader skills to the next level and appeal to the demand for qualified project managers.

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Learn to code

Develop the skills to design, build and maintain websites and web applications with this full stack course and become the most in demand of any coder.

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Become a digital marketer

Build a solid foundation of digital marketing skills; from SEO and PPC to social media and email.

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Become an IT professional

Arm yourself with the most in demand IT skills required by small and large businesses alike, industry wide.

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Become a software developer

Take your problem solving and logical thinking skills and channel them into a career in software development.

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Become a network engineer

Embark on a career in the heart of IT infrastucture, ensuring IT stability throughout the growth of your organisation.

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Become a web designer

Develop skills in coding, design and user experience and build a fruitful career in web design.

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Database administrator

Build vital skills so that you can confidently be responsible for the performance, integrity and security of a database across businesses both large and small, and meet demand around the globe.

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Business analyst

Hone your skills to act as the bridge of communication between IT departments and business stakeholders in a dynamic and rewarding role.

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Over 90% of classroom learning is lost within 30 days, whereas online learning improves test scores in 84% of students

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