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Make the Change with Project Management

It’s an increasingly stressful time for students across the UK, with news headlines focused on a significant drop in A-level results which has crushed the university dreams for many…

In addition, around 28,000 people have fantastic results – but still no offer from any university they’ve applied for.

However, the good news is that going to university is not the only option to enjoy a fantastic career that stimulates you and pays well. For example, have you considered a career in project management?

In our increasingly digital world, improving the customer experience to meet their evolving demands and expectations is widely seen as the best way to scale revenue growth. Moreover, as businesses become increasingly reliant on technology, there is pressure to deliver new projects sooner rather than later. As a result, project managers are crucial in adding value across the business and to the customers.

The need to deliver new projects is currently outstripping demand as the world braces itself for a project management talent shortage

So, whether you’re leaving education or find yourself wanting to change your career, it’s never been easier to enter the lucrative world of project management. The big question is, how do you achieve the qualifications employers are looking for?



Why you should learn PM online and not at Uni

The average project manager salary in the UK ranges between £50,000 and £75,000, and to get there, most follow the crowd in going to college and university. However, the academic route is not suited to every personality type, and the prospect of amassing £45,800 in student debt after graduation can be incredibly daunting. But another option involves trusting your gut and going against the status quo to reach your goal of becoming a project manager.

A quick look at any job listing website reveals that the most desirable qualifications needed to secure a position in project management include certifications from PRINCE2®PMIITIL®, and APM. The good news is that you don’t need to attend university to learn the most widely used methodologies. There are arguably much better ways to validate your skills for the global audience of employers looking for project professionals.

Many of our students go on to enjoy successful careers in project management by simply starting a conversation that would lead them to learn the industry skill sets and gain the confidence needed to follow their unique path in life. For example, our StudentCare™ and Career Services teams consist of placing real people by your side every step of your journey with one-to-one personal guidance. This proactive support is not just about helping you achieve the certifications but, more importantly, helping you secure the job role of your dreams.


Why PM is a future-proof career

One of the biggest criticisms of universities is after graduation, when students need the most help, they find themselves on their own with nothing but a piece of paper and a mountain of debt. It’s also easy to think that once the degree has been secured, it’s time to take the foot off the gas. But unfortunately, the modern workplace involves a lifetime of constant learning to unlock your limitless potential.

Project Management is a continuously evolving discipline that requires strong strategic decision-making and team management skills. Projects are becoming more complex, and project managers are expected to stay up to speed with emerging technology trends while navigating increasing regulation and governance or overcoming new challenges.

However, a more agile approach can reduce defect levels by 83%. Many of our students choose to carry on learning and access courses such as the PMP or  CAPM collection, which continue to be a valuable asset to boosting their careers in the workplace. There is also the option to pivot from project management and work towards becoming a business analyst to ensure your skills evolve with your aspirations for the future.

The university experience typically consists of three years, and you are finished. But we believe the best way to future-proof your career is to remain by your side, helping you learn new skills and globally recognised certifications. In addition, we believe that student support is not just about preparing you to enter a role in project management, but we want to help you work towards your next promotion.


How project management caters to all personality types

You might think that learning online will mean missing out on the university experience. But throughout the last two years, the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in closed university campuses and face-to-face teaching shifting to an online format. As a result, many began to question if it offered the same value it once had. 

The evolving expectations from students are also driving demand for something more than a one size fits all approach to education. We understand that every student needs a healthy and engaging learning environment suited to their personality and learning style. Somewhere where Neurodiversity is celebrated rather than feared so that both introverts and extroverts can thrive.

There isn’t one ideal personality type for the perfect project manager either. However, you will typically see them honing their communication, critical thinking, time management, and organisation skills. In addition, many enjoy solving problems and have meticulous attention to detail, while others are happier motivating project teams through innovation, creativity, and spreading positivity. But finding the right balance of all these personality traits depending on the situation is the closest you will get to becoming the perfect project manager.


How PM careers can progress quickly

Once you are a fully certified project manager, your first goal will be to put everything you have learned into practice and gain experience in the field. Then, as your confidence grows, you will naturally adapt to new ways of working, discover new ways to solve problems and accept more demanding or complex projects as part of your career development. Finally, as you work towards becoming a senior project manager, there will be other learning opportunities that will open up new career paths.

Once again, every project manager will follow their unique path. Some will work towards positions such as program or portfolio manager. In contrast, others will have their sights on becoming the next head or even director of projects in an organisation to achieve their goal of reaching a six-figure salary. There is no ceiling for the ambitious who want to take their career to unlock senior management positions such as a program or IT director or even establish their own management consultancy.

Your journey into project management will begin with a conversation and commitment to getting certified. From that moment, you will be faced with many exciting options and the freedom for you to take your career where you want it to go. So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you Make the Change with project management?