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2023 Student Success Update | Monday February 13

Welcome to the Learning People Student Success update for the week commencing 13 February 2023 – our regular weekly round-up previewing a selection of up-to-the-minute successes, including exams sat, certifications gained, interviews attended, and new positions attained.  



Zeenat is a Retail career changer and has recently had 2 job offers. 1st Line IT Support for IT Desk, who are a new local start-up and IT Support / Engineer (remote) for the NHS. Zeenat had only just completed the CompTIA A+ when she secured her first interview.

Tyler is now a Junior IT Support Technician with Equals Money, which will be his first job in IT. Prior to this, Tyler worked for 3 years in various retail and customer-facing roles at Chessington World of Adventures.

Junaid has accepted a role with Morley College London but has also received another offer for Junior IT Engineer with LTI Consulting. He is thrilled as this provides scope for more varied work and the opportunity to work with multiple clients.





Christian has now finished his 5th coding project and has been networking as part of working through Phase 2 of the Career Services programme. Having worked with McLaren as a Painting Technician, he was looking to join a company that was more flexible and able to provide a structured training programme. He has now been offered the position of Junior Software Developer with Xander Talent, who are a branch of JCW that specialise in bringing Software Consultants to multi-national clients. Christian will be using Python as his main language and is excited to be part of their team.


Project management

Temitope has now started as an IT Project Manager with Readrly, who create unique reading experiences for children. Alan has been offered the position of Assistant Project Manager with CBRE and is also interviewing with two other companies for Technical Project Team Lead positions.



A huge congratulations to all of our students on their well-deserved success and progression – from all of us at Learning People.   

If you’d like to experience world-class support and education from the tech and project management experts, get in touch with us today.