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IT Practice Labs

Real time environment. Real time learning.

  • Put your training into practise in a low risk but real sandbox environment
  • Access to thousands of modules
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Not a simulation – these labs are real time learning, in a real time environment

What are they?

Practice Labs are supplied as part of our packages or as a separate element to compliment your IT eLearning course.

This cloud based solution ensures a student uses real equipment to experiment carrying out practical tasks, but in a safe sandbox environment which is accessible from anywhere, without any risk to existing systems and networks.

The experience is enhanced by there being no limitation on the devices affected in a network by the changes you make, enabling your understanding of cause and effect in an IT working environment.

Pre configured hardware layouts with accompanying lab guides and step by step instructions cover thousands of practical tasks, and focus on specific exam objectives and real life scenarios.

Students can break, fix, experiment with, and alter a desktop environment, server and network, and, when they’re ready, to start again.

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Empower yourself with a hands on approach and discover your own way of doing things in an industry that’s fast paced with nothing set in stone, where innovation is key and a skills gap means high demand.


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