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Daton Beckford | IT student testimonial


We catch up with Learning People student Daton Beckford who successfully changed his career from bus driver to I.T. professional.

Daton has studied and passed the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+

He is currently working towards his CompTIA Security+


Tell us why you enquired with Learning People.

I was looking to change my career and presumed I would have go to University, but knew it would be expensive and time consuming.

So I did some research and the first company I found made me feel very pressured to enrol. But then someone on Facebook mentioned Learning People and I thought, let me have a look at their website and I was really impressed.


Were there any specific skills you were looking to gain or develop by enrolling with Learning People?

I knew I needed a certification to get into IT, but didn’t know which one. I was interested in cyber security but had no idea where to start.


Was there a particular reason you chose to enrol with Learning People, and did you speak to any other educators or training providers?

The conversation I had was a lot more in depth and detailed with Learning People. You were able to answer all my questions and reassure me about any concerns that I had. 

Prior to that, I’d spoken to different providers who didn’t answer my questions properly and it felt like they just wanted to take my money.


Tell us what the career consultation phone call was like for you.

Very thorough. Learning People broke down all the different certifications and how they work. It left me feeling very impressed by what Learning People had to offer and how everything works. 

So it was a no-brainer that I had to enrol. 


Tell us about your experience of learning online using our system and the associated labs.

Initially I found it quite tough as I’d never learnt online before. The content was great and I loved using the live labs. There were times when I didn’t want to watch or read anything, so I went into a live lab and I was able to get enjoyment and understanding of how a certain issue or process works and why it’s happening. 


Were you able to gain support from our StudentCare™ team when you needed it?

Yes, I didn’t need to use them much, but when I needed any help or advice they were very efficient. They were great and I couldn’t fault them for when I needed anything. 


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Did you utilise any of the course mentoring – if so, how did it help you?

Yes. Whenever I was stuck they could answer my questions in detail and provide helpful references in the books and videos. My tutors were instrumental in helping me to understand, they also gave me deadlines and healthy pressure to help me reach goals and enhance my understanding. 


How did you get on with the practice exams /  test preparation?

I found the tests quite challenging, but understood they were getting me to a high standard. I found it helpful that it told me where I needed to improve and what to focus on. 


Did you attend any of our Live Online Classrooms for your courses?

I did. I did the Network+ classes that were really good. The tutor went through all the exam objectives. He also made a video for me to help me understand an area of networking I was finding difficult. It really helped me pass the exam.


Tell us about your experience of working with our Career Services team, and what did you find most useful?

Brilliant. Marisha really helped me a lot. Setting up my LinkedIn and CV. She always helped me prepare for interviews. But what was really good was how much she cared about me getting a job. It was a real human touch.


How did enrolling with Learning People affect your career (new job / promotion etc)?

Look at it now. It’s changed my life. Personally, for me, it’s been a lifechanger. 


Tell us about your new job / promotion.

I work for Mjog by Livi as a First Line Support Technician. We work with more than 4,000 medical practices that use automated SMS, Email and Voice patient messaging.  


What has been the best part of your Learning People experience?

Using the live labs. It really felt like things were making sense when I used them. 


What advice would you give to somebody who is thinking about enrolling with Learning People?

If you’re eager and prepared to work hard to change your life I would definitely recommend Learning People. You just need to be committed to studying and changing your life, and if you are, go for it. 


If you’d like to experience world class career education and support from the experts in tech, simply get in touch with one of our I.T. career consultants today.